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Google introduces Smart Campaigns for small businesses.

Small businesses are looking for ways to get their business online and reach the right audience. Until now small businesses relied upon Google Ads by customizing and manually adjusting them to fit their requirements. But now Google is making the process much easier to help advertisers with limited budgets and knowledge to take advantage of the newest technology. Google launched Smart campaigns and it will be available in Georgia soon. it is an automated tool, that helps you promote your business on Google. This means, that Businesses of all sizes can now get ads up and running in just 15 minutes. Additionally, Google is making Smart campaigns easier to use: there are new features that can help you sign up from any device, stand out on Google Maps, see your results right on Google Search, and control when your ads show. Kim Spalding, Director of Product Management at Google, said two-thirds of small businesses use digital marketing but face challenges and are looking for easy solutions. During the run of your ad, you can easily see how your ads perform directly on With a quick search, you can immediately see the status of your ads, how they’re performing, and how your ads look to potential customers. Smart campaign’s targeting optimization is automated, and Google’s machine learning algorithms aim to show ads to the right audiences using behavioral, location, device, and other signs. In addition, Google is using keywords too. With your product or service keyword Google will show your ad to potential customers searching for related phrases. This means your ads reach more of the right people and you can save time in the process. You also can change or remove keyword themes, so you’re always in control. So we can briefly say that This is a good thing if you are a small business owner. You are not likely to have a designer at your side to make 10-15 display banners from each size in each ad copy variation you want to test. It will be a 15-minute mechanical task that will grow your sellings.